Mid Willamette valley and the coast, covering 85% of western Oregon. WOVEN net is held Every night @ 19:30 local time.

Repeater Frequencies we use.

[Primary] 146.78 (tone 156.7) BCARES

[Secondary] 146.82 (tone 100.0) Peak Radio Association.

The Preamble can be downloaded via our Info page.


The Current Net Manager is ‘ Ken N7XAO ‘


Instructions for 146.78 repeater DTMF Commands:

Exit Net / Emergency Mode Dial ” 0900* ” Returns to normal operation w/156.7hz sub tone.

Enter Net Mode Dial ” 0922* ” Changes repeater time out and courtesy tone. (NO PL required).

Enter Emergency Mode ” 0911* ” Enter emergency mode, (NO PL Required).OR

Use LitZ Dial ” 0 ” (btw that’s a zero not O) keep pressed for approx. 3-5 seconds.


Updated 2/2/2011.


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